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We offer therapy, counseling, and professional supervision specializing in mental health, substance use, and trauma

Harm Reduction Therapy Now!!!

Whether or not you regard alcohol, drug use, or other behaviors as central to your current source of unhappiness . . . Whether or not you want to achieve complete abstinence or would rather reduce potential harms, we are here to help.

We all have a capacity for insight and often unaccounted for personal strengths. Through empathy and a respectful, collaborative relationship we are here to help you achieve the positive changes, happiness and purpose you are looking for.

For a free 30 minute in person or phone session to see if we're a good match please feel free to contact me.


Colin J. Peters

Colin is a LCSW, CADC.

I have more than 22 years of experience in the fields of mental health and substance use. 


Founded: 2014 in response to the need in the Chicago area for those seeking an alternative to the abstinence first or abstinence only approach to recovery.

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